Photo Book Reviews

We recommend them as they have the best price and quality around, we personally use them to produce our own photobooks as we are photographers we care very much about quality as well as price. Other companies offer lower quality prints at similar prices so it's worth going with the leading photo book company in the UK.

Photobook reviews

We know that there are over 20 companies currently in the UK who offer photo books and when you first look it can be a bit daunting picking which is best, some appear very cheap while others very expensive, there are lots of different terms mentioned and if you don't know much about the printing process or photography you may not know what some parts mean. That's where we come in and help you by telling you all the latest information, explaining what each bit means, what the extra options mean etc. So for example on many of the websites you can have an option of a matte or glossy finish. Now you may not really know the difference and which one you will prefer or which will look best on your photos, we explain what they mean and tell you which we think is best for what type of photos and books so you can make an informed decision.

So which company to go for ?

Well you can click the images above to read the reviews of each retailer and what we think about them, you will also find that you can submit your own reviews so if you have ordered a photo book from the company then why not write a review and let others know what you thought, not only does it help others it will help you as you will know when you are writing it down what to avoid in future. If you are reading the reviews you will be able to see what users think of the process and then make your own decision based on these. You will also notice that a lot of reviews offer tips and advice which is helpful when ordering a book online.


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