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Personalised Photo Books

Having personalised photo books are great as it means all your photos are firstly safe and available to be shown easily to others but also means you can organise them yourself so you can make sure they are in an order you are happy with and look just as you want them to. Many of the retailers who offer these personalised photobooks either give you software to download so you can design and personalise the book off your computer or allow you to do it via their website so you don't need to download any software. Either way it gives you complete access to the design process, from where to place the photos to the size of the photos, how many to put on a page, in what order, the ability to add titles and descriptions and customise the whole photo book so you can get it look just like you wish it to.

Personalised photo book

A personalised photo book is also a great gift that you can buy someone as you can make sure it's how you want them to see it, e.g if it's your best friend's birthday you can organise a big personalised photobook and fill it full photos of you and your best friends, as well as photos of him or her on their own, with other friends, with family and on holiday. You can add messages and write about the great times together. The personalisation that you can do with these books really does make them the perfect gift, they are not like a normal present whereby you may look at it a couple times and then it goes on a shelf, these books will be greatly welcomed and regularly looked at as they both look and feel great. Plus they last and can be kept for many years.  Personalised photo book have become increasingly popular in recent years as people have come to realise that however good it is to have digital photos and have them on your Facebook and on your computer the reality is that you look at the photos once and then not again or very rarely, with a physical book it means you can look at the photos a lot more and get more enjoyment from them.
The personalisation aspect of the photo books means you really can have fun with them and they make those extra special gifts, be it for a friend's birthday, after an amazing holiday, a graduation, a wedding or a day out it really doesn't matter the occasion as you can enjoy them whenever and put any photos you wish in. We find that the best photo books that we have made are those that are for those special occasions be it a group of friends holiday and getting everyone's photos together and creating a photobook together so you can all choose which photos to go where and then getting 5 or however many people there are who went on the holiday a copy so you all have the same exact personalised photo book so it's like a memento of your holiday and one that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Photo books are the perfect way to keep your photos and memories in one professionally printed photo book. These books are available in many sizes from small sized ones to large panoramic books, no matter the size you can organise the book and choose where your photos go on each page and add titles and descriptions. You can choose from hardback or paperback and many options such as glossy finishes, fold flat pages and the number of pages you have, anything from 5 to 50+ page books. We compare all the companies that offer photo books and let you know the one to go with as quality, options and prices vary.


One of the most popular methods of creating photobooks is to use the software that the company you are wanting to print with have to offer. They design the software so it's very easy to use and you don't need any special skills to use them and they are of course free to download. Once you finish the design and adding of the photos and any other features such as titles, descriptions etc onto the photobook you can then send it to be printed via the company. Don't worry if this all sounds like a jargain to you, whichever company you use will have guides to help you and step by step instructions.


Free photo books

We have a wide range of offers on photo books but if you are looking for a totally free book then we all know nothing in life is free, it'd be brilliant if it was but it's not, we do occasionally have offers with companies which give you small photobooks for nearly free, often having to pay postage and packaging. These are often only small sample books though and we recommend you read our offers section to see the very best offers that some of the retailers have on show. Also it's worth checking out our website as we often giveaway free photo books as competition prizes. We also have a new section for personalised photo books which tells you more reasons to get one than ever before as well as a top 5 section.


Photo books online

Conventional picture albums are no longer used these days; the modern approach to organising your pictures based on occasions and other factors is by bundling them into photo books. Photo books are also more special since each page can be designed freely, plus your pictures will be even more long lasting thanks to the special protective coating added to the pages. Want to design your own photo book? We have a guide to doing it and best of all it's easy to do.

An alternative method is to design your own photo books is by using proprietary software available for your computer system. Apple, for instance, offers iPhoto – with a stunning ability to create photo books in a matter of minutes – to Mac OSX users. Similar software for Windows users are also widely available, with free alternatives just a few clicks away. Using these programs, you can create photo books from templates and organize your pictures accordingly. If you have a sufficient set of design skills or if you are familiar with advanced photo editing software, you can also use a more sophisticated software including Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to design the layouts of your photo book. Since you have more creative control and a complete set of tools to use, producing professional looking photo books will not be a difficult task to complete. Alternatively, you can also visit online resource centres specialising in the creation of photo books. There are a number of service providers that offer photo book creations as part of their imaging services, complete with a web-based interface that allows you to add pictures to photo-book templates easily. The entire process is very easy to complete since all you have to do is drag and drop pictures to the desired locations.

These are the three most common ways of creating your own photo books. Once the design is completed, you can have the photo book produced by a professional printer. You can use the same online service providers we discussed earlier for maximum convenience. Common formats including PDF are accepted, so you can easily submit your photo book designs regardless of the design tool you are using. What about the cost of producing a photo book? With packages starting from less than £5, you don’t even have to worry about the photo books being unaffordable at all. The affordable pricing makes photo books very suitable for special occasions, family holidays, and other personal moments. The pictures are displayed gorgeously, making the photo book perfect for capturing memories. Don’t want to produce hardcopies and simply need to share the photo books online with friends and relatives? Worry not, because there are also a number of services that offer online photo book sharing for you to use. Your photo book will be displayed as an interactive digital book – complete with page-flipping animation and interactive controls – and your friends or relatives can access it easily. You can even protect the online photo book using a password and share it only to those you give access to.

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