Mini Photo Books

Mini photo books are the smallest type of photo book, and usually measure somewhere around 3" x 2" - 3.5" x 2.75" (7.5cm x 5cm - 9cm x 7cm) - which is roughly the same size as half a standard 6" x 4" photograph.

Despite their small size, many mini photobooks can still hold a fairly decent number of photos (25 - 30) and are printed on the same high quality paper that you would find in bigger books.

The compact nature of a mini photo book makes it ideal for when you want something to carry around in a handbag or jacket pocket. Perfect showing off pictures of your niece, grandchild or puppy to the people you bump into.

Best Mini Photo Books

Site Size Price Postage Delivery Time Visit
3.5 x 2.75
(31 Photos)
From £5.99
3-6 Days
More details
3 x 2
(25 Photos)
From £2.99
4-8 Days
More details

Please note: Sizes are given in inches - 3" is roughly the same as 7.5cm. Other sizes or styles of mini photo book may also be available. Delivery times are approximate and refer to the number of working days that it takes for your photo book to be printed and delivered to your home.

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